At the end of May 1963, half a century ago,the Organisation of African Unity(OAU) was established in Addis Ababa.

It was in 2002 when it changed from OAU to African Union(AU).

I believe that their main agenda was to fight colonialism ,to promote the political and economic integration of Africa but fifty years later Africa is not united.

As African continent we are still being seen an idle land ready for scramble thus this has led to a second scramble and partition of Africa.

To completely liberate Africa we need to come together as Africans and face off neocolonialism head on.

Effect of neocolonialism are so much evident with so much foreign military bases scattered throughout Africa in the new so called military cooperation yet no African country has foreign military bases.

Its very sad that Africans are being mistreated in their homeland by their own governments.

Foreign tourists move freely throughout Africa without any visa restrictions because they are bringing in foreign exchange but indigenous Africans are being treated like second class citizens based on the country they come from and where they are visiting.

Africans find it difficult to travel to other countries throughout Africa because of visa restrictions brought up by colonial boundaries.

Precolonial Africa allowed free movement of people and goods thus African empires were so wealthy.

We are advocating for removal of colonial boundaries.

Its time for free movement of people and goods throughout Africa.

One of the major goals of GPAN is to promote African values and culture.

African Union has done a lot to promote integration of Africa but more needs to be done to attain one united Africa.

Increased human rights abuses by dictators in Africa is a major concern to us.

As a Pan African organization we feel African Union has not done enough to protect civilians in South West Cameroon but through partnerships more can be done.

Young people have a huge role to play in the unification of Africa.

We are the ones to inspire the making up of one nation called United States of Africa.

Getting us involved in setting up of educational, health,technological,financial and political institutions required for unification of Africa is the first step towards the realization of this vision.

Africans living in different countries in Africa need to come together,interact and Crow fund resources required to establish African owned industries and institutions.

GPAN through social media technology has brought together over a thousand young people from over 70 countries worldwide for the purpose of implementing United States of Africa project.

We have a Facebook page named “United States of Africa which has over 64k followers;70% of whom are young people between the age of 18-34 years old.

This is a great number of youths that GPAN has plans to invest in and encourage African investors to invest in.

We as young Pan Africanist believe that its our responsibility to rebuild Africa.

Economic empowerment of Africa is possible through harambee spirit which promotes community involvement in bringing social change.

Why are there so many previliged class Africans that are banking their wealth offshores where it earns them interest instead of investing it in Africa?

The ultimate goal of every African should be to give back to the community as much as possible and secure the future for the coming generations.

Its very sad that we as African people have nothing to show for our 50 years of independence.

Most African economies are growing at chameleon pace and we are consuming more than we produce.

As GPAN we seek to spearhead industrial revolution and provide solutions to problems that have ailed Africa for decades.

Decades after getting independence, a lot of African countries are surviving on foreign aid and have not achieved economic independence.

I don’t think we need to waste time fingering the loopholes that the AU,SADC etc haven’t tackled. But we must support the GPAN, which I believe is going to achieve what our forefathers failed to accomplish. Unlike other organisations like AU, SADC and the East African Community that many people have labelled “toothless bulldogs” due to their inaction to deal with political conflicts in Africa , the GPAN(Global Panafricanism Network) is an organization by the people for the people.

This is a social movement led by youths who are hungry to see a change in Africa and our quest for self determination of Africa as a nation is our driving spirit towards political integration of Africa.

Some of our key goals is to promote indigenous languages like Swahili, Amharic,Hausa,Zulu and Chichewa among others . People are learning Mandarin because the Chinese economy is strong now. Instead of not only learning foreign languages the African people need to know that it’s important to have a common language which will facilitate its agenda of having the United States of Africa. European countries are strong because they have one currency, there’s free trade, free movement of people etc and I wonder why Africa can’t do the same. The future of Africa is in the hands of its youths and the GPAN has come to open the eyes of youths to see what needs to be done to bring the so much yearned change in Africa.

Thousands of African youths have died over the past years in the Mediterranean sea trying to migrate to Europe. I believe that the main reason why this is happening is because young people have become this desperate due to failed leadership.

They see the only solution for their problems is to go and stay illegally in Europe.

Joshua Nkomo the former Zimbabwean vice president once said ” Africa will not die, its young generation will save it”

Renewing Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s spirit of reunification of all people of negro descent throughout the world,we are calling upon all people of African descent to return back to their ancestral homeland and help us lay foundations for a United Prosperous Africa.

We are Africa
We are one
I am because we are.

Written by Mr Muchemwa Tatenda.
GPAN representative for Zimbabwe.
Business Engineer by profession &
A linguist.

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