Over 500,000 indigenous peoples of West Papua have been killed by Indonesian military yet UN is yet to consider this a Genocide.
UN rejected a petition for West Papua self determination
signed by over 1.7 million West Papuans.
The Act of free Choice, 1969, was a violation of the right of self-determination held by the West Papuan peoples under international law and does not justify Indonesian sovereignty over West Papua. Indonesia’s presence in West Papua is illegal and that this illegality is the basis for continuing conflict in West Papua.
There should be a proper act of self-determination in accordance
with international law, to settle finally the international status of West Papua.
Indonesia’s presence in West Papua is that of a colonial administration which can be made permanent only if the peoples of West Papua vote for integration through a self determination exercise held in accordance with the procedural requirements of international law. The only self-determination exercise has been the invalid act of free choice held in 1969 which does not authorize Indonesia’s presence in West Papua and cannot legally convert Indonesia’s administrative responsibility to sovereignty.

Indonesia’s acquisition of West Papua in 1969 remains an illegal annexation which cannot be validated by the international community since it was a violation of the sacred trust under the UN Charter. Since the acquisition cannot be validated, West Papua is not legally a part of Indonesia’s territory but a non-self-governing territory under occupation.
Independence for West Papua would be the restoration of Papuan sovereignty and not a violation of Indonesia’s territorial integrity.
An international law specialist says the United Nations should resolve the unfinished business of West Papuan self-determination
Melinda Janki has analyzed the adherence to international law in the transferral of sovereignty over Papua from the Dutch to Indonesia in the 1960’s.
She says that under this process, Indonesia was obliged to grant an act of self-determination.
But Ms Janki argues that 1969’s so-called Act of Free Choice didn’t meet international standards of self-determination.
Indonesia has strong support among other countries for its claim to Papua, and insists the 1969 referendum finalized its territorial claim to Papua.
But Ms Janki told Johnny Blades that the process around the referendum clearly lacked legitimacy.
Ms Janki explains further on illegal referendum that took place in 1969 and reminds United Nations that it has an obligation to come back and complete its unfinished business (self-determination) in West Papua.
We stand with people of black descent in West Papua.
Its time for Africa is to speak her descendants.
Every descendant of Africa has a right to enjoy freedoms and flourish wherever he or she might be.
Join us in spreading the word about systematic brutality being carried out by Indonesia in West Papua.
Foreign media and humanitarian  organizations are blocked from visiting West Papua.
Indonesia government  halted the fundraiser for victims of Earthquake in Papua New Guinea when it was struck by this disaster.
Increasing racial segregation in West Papua and marginalization of Papuans in both Health and Education sector is meant to chain West Papuans into yokes of  poverty and disease.
Indonesian Soldiers at a scene where they had killed the Papua New Guinea Natives

Over a hundred children died of malnutrition and chicken pox yet West Papua is a gold mine.

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