Dozens of indigenous West Papuan people were left homeless this week
as their houses were destroyed by the Indonesian authorities. An
Indonesian man has now taken over their 9400 square meters of land. On
Thursday 27th September, the Indonesian military and police forced at
least 5 families including dozens of children and toddlers from their
homes in Timika, in the Mimika Region of West Papua. Mama Innah
Gwijangge had lived in her home for 21 years. “Last night we stayed in
an emergency tent amid heavy rain.” She said. “We were with dozens of
these children, where will we stay? Where is justice and feelings of
humanity towards West Papuans?” She continued, “My husband was
arrested in front of children and dragged to the police station.Where
is humanity in this country? We West Papuans have been expelled from
our own land.” Meanwhile the Indonesian Chairman of the Timika
District Court, Relly Dominggus Behuku said that he thought the
eviction was “very humane”. Saying “We cannot have resistance every
time we come and more delays again”. This is a terrible human rights
violation and a cruel act of inhumanity towards the people of West
Papua by the Indonesian government. To find out more about occupied
West Papua, including what you can do to help, please visit:

More info of the eviction in Bahasa here:… Report from West Papua
National Committee [KNPB].

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