Two Genius Brothers who Dominated Texas College, One even speak Mandarin fluently

Claretta Kimp and son Carson

Carson and Cannan Huey-You, 14 and 11, respectively, are not the ordinary kids.

The elder brother already has a degree in physics with younger in Mandarin Chinese and math, the youngest had already started studying Astrophysics and engineering.

Carson at the age of 14 became the youngest student to ever graduate in Texas Christian University. His younger brother too enrolled at the same private institution where he got into a research project with a TCU astronomy professor.

Carson at the age of 11

Their mother Claretta Kimp, says that the brothers are very much like other kids when at home. They laugh, wrestle, play together, hold the door for women, and pretty much what any little boys do with their brothers, except fighting.
“My boys have more social skills than most adults. They are just normal little boys who do normal little boys things” she told The Washington Post.
Carson began to show his exceptional academic skills even before he started walking. According to Kimp, the eldest of the two would often play blocks in the spare bedroom that they have converted into a classroom.

Kimp then created a set of school day for Carson to attend everyday from 9 a.m. to noon, but since he is always excited to learn, he blew through all of the curriculum that his mother planned for him in just an hour.

By the age of 2, Carson was already reading books by chapters and showed interests in learning calculus at the age of 3. He was learning at a very fast pace, he home schooled until the age of 5. He was learning the same thing as the eighth grade level.

He went to Christian private school where he graduated after five years later as co-valedictorian. He farther went to TCU, which is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Carson Graduating from TCU

Meanwhile, Cannan took more traditional route of academics where he attended kindergarten with kids of his own age. However, things were boring to the kid genius by the second grade; then he asked his mother to be home shooled, the same as his elder brother.

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