The U.S. Defense Department awarded a more than $12 million contract for “emergency runway repairs” at Camp Baledogle, Somalia , lastmonth.

The United States has carried out more than 20 airstrikes against al-Shabab militants in Somalia this year. One incident occurred in September, after U.S. and partner troops came under attack 37 miles west of Mogadishu, the country’s capital. Reported by Air Force Times.

A) AMISOM Troops in Baledgole,Somalia. 
“These people have looted a lot in this balidogle camp with a blindfold to the Somali population that they are training The SNA commandos! The training camp for the SNA commandos is in some kilometers away from this camp where the US commandos have camped and in this camp seems to be no training activities taking place. This site is where they extract uranium and it’s only guarded by the American commandos with computerised weapons and no African troops are allowed inside this camp, I just can’t tell how much uranium these guys have looted so far” He said.

While I got to know that those guys are training both the Al shabaab and the SNA commandos because I heard that there was a day they passed out the SNA commandos and they wanted to check their capabilities and they had to make them collide with the shabaab and these SNA commandos got seriously injured by the Al-shabaab.​​​​” He Added.

B) Farah Ma’alim Ahmed ( a kenyan Politician of Somali Ethnicity) tweeted on his twitter page(@FarahMaalimM):-

” Every night at around 3 o’clock in the morning heavy american military transport planes shuttle Between Mogadishu international Airport under the cover of darkness & Secrecy to unknown destinations. 40ft Containers are also moved from Buur Hakaba & Barawa. Stealing Minerals”. – Farah Ma’allim.

The UAE and those who control its leaders appear to have suddenly woken up to Somalia’s significance as a nation. One of their goals is to destroy Somali-Turkish friendship and alliance. If Somalia was so important to them, they could have used their resources to help it recover from war and famine. But that is not how the UAE operates. Reported by Daily Sabah/ Shakir Husain.

The geopolitical calculations of the UAE and Saudi Arabia along with the Western gang seem to have changed following Turkey’s determination to help Somalia. They understand that in Turkey they are dealing with a serious nation that is capable of helping Somalia defeat international terrorism.

Since President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited Mogadishu in 2011, Turkey has become involved in numerous projects in Somalia to help it become a stable, strong nation in every way. But this relationship works against the interest of those who seek to exploit and rob both Somalia and the wider African region. The international alliance of neocons and Zionists knows how to manipulate Emirati and Saudi officials.

Main Part The UAE exploited instability in parts of Somalia to secure logistics projects.

These include a concession from the semi-autonomous region of Puntland for Dubai-based DP World to develop the port of Bosaso. In Somaliland, DP World has a 30-year concession to develop a port at Berbera and plans to develop a so-called economic free zone.

My Conclusion: The united states of America (USA) are most evil colonizers in the history.

Now the 10 years they were looting Somalia’s fishing industry in our coastlines in the name of guarding and protecting in what they called “sea piracy” and it’s themselves whom invented and created of what they labelled as “pirates” so that the E.U, India, Iran, and China to commit “an illegal fishing ” in our country.

Therefore there is a massive resource lootings in the land where all western owned aeroplanes do illegally come and go in somalia aviations every night where no body knows what they bring and what they take. This is a resource lootings and bringing more illegal weapons to the terrorist groups in which they secretly inventented. The somalia government is a puppet and can’t even talk this.

The United States and its Western crime partners have tried to destroy and subjugate Somalia for many years. Whether the U.S. bombs Somalia in the name of fighting the al-Shabaab terrorist group or Britain tries to cause misery to its people through curbs on remittances, their goals are sinister in seeking extermination of a part of the human race. They are trying to achieve what Europe’s colonialism failed to accomplish.

After the terrorist attacks, influential Somali commentators mentioned the UAE as an agent of destruction against Somalia. They pointed out its dubious deals and unwarranted interference in Somali affairs. There have been calls to shut down its diplomatic mission in Somalia.

The UAE and its allies and masters see Turkey as a threat to their hegemonic plans for Africa. The ongoing war in Yemen is part of the same calculations, as the Arabian Peninsula nation is located near key maritime routes. Destabilizing Yemen was a Western plan being carried out through the UAE and Saudi Arabia. It is widely believed that Abu Dhabi’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Zayed, is influencing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to join his dead-end schemes.

Somalia’s enemies would like to find an excuse to launch an open war, but have opted for naked terrorism instead. Another type of terrorism is carried out by the U.S. through drone attacks, ensuring no Somali feels secure from America’s destructive power.

it’s time as African youth to ashame them and put out sides for the crimes they are committing.

Enough is Enough. 
Afrika is for Afrikaans not nationhood at all. All we are loosing our afrikan resources and while out youths enslave themselves in Europe, amerika, and middle east.

Jebril Domenico (M.A) 
Political Analyst, United States of Afrika 
JoinGPAN, Help us Rebuild Afrika.

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