Three West Papuans Killed in Indonesian military strikes in West Papua

Three People killed in Indonesian Military Attacks in Nduga District,West Papua.

Press Release of the Communion of Churches in Indonesia (PGI) Related Event in Nduga, Papua

Two days, we were shocked by the operation of a joint military and police apparatus against an armed group of alleged TPN / OPM groups in Alguru village, Kenyam district, Nduga district of Papua. The attack by the joint TNI / Polri apparatus is a form of pursuit operation to the TPN / OPM group that has carried out an armed action that threatens the security of civil society. Prior to the July 11, 2018 operations carried out, we received data on the ground that there had been armed contact between the joint TNI / Polri forces with the TPN / OPM armed groups since June 25, 2018. At the same time the dialogue and mediation efforts had been made by the Papua Provincial Police and the District Government Nduga with the community.

We continue to follow and observe the latest developments taking place in Nduga, for that we deliver the following:

Deploring the criminal acts of armed groups suspected of TPN / OPM, who have carried out attacks with civilian targets, resulted in the deaths of 3 (three) people and one of them is a small child. Of course such brutal acts are violations of law and human rights that must be dealt with firmly and professionally in accordance with legal procedures and legislation applicable in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. We condemn the brutal actions of armed groups against civilians in Nduga.

Appreciate the rapid pace of the security forces to provide protection to civilians, to prevent more casualties among civilians in Nduga.

However, based on information from various media and field data we received, we felt that coordination between the security forces and the Nduga District Government was very important. We judge that without good coordination in the pursuit of armed groups will adversely affect other civil society in Nduga. The most obvious impact now is that the people of Nduga become panicked, fearful and anxious and they run into shelter in the forest. The educational and economic activities of society are themselves paralyzed.

Against such conditions, we are calling for the following:

Urge the security apparatus to stop repressive action and start thinking about possible persuasive efforts. This effort is important to ensure the safety and security of the Nduga community in order to avoid prolonged and prolonged crisis conditions and trauma.

We ask the authorities to open access and guarantee security and safety for human rights, journalist and medical workers.

The Central Government must immediately establish a Fact Finding TEAM to be able to verify the death toll that has actually fallen and befall civilians in the field.

It is time to open the office of the national human rights commission, the Human Rights Court and the National Reconciliation Commission in Tanah Papua as mandated by the Special Autonomy Law Articles 45-47.

We hope that all legal and security efforts aimed at protecting the community can be parallel to the mediation efforts undertaken by various parties for people who are increasingly filled with trauma, anxiety and despair. If public safety is not guaranteed then this may result in a further decline in public confidence in all security control efforts undertaken. Likewise, various current community development efforts in Papua through various government priority programs and others can be disrupted due to the lack of security guarantees. We hope all parties can organize well for Papua’s future within the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Jakarta, July 13, 2018

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