The value of material things are more important than the people on the ground, Africa as any other business

Americans and Europeans are showing more concern on ‘democracy’ and suffering of Venezuelan people than they do in Cameroon, Eastern DRC, South Sudan and many more African countries where people are suffering in the name of neo-liberalism, conflicts and extreme poverty where children are dying as results of preventable diseases and starvations. To be sincere in Venezuela life is not as unbearable as in the case in most African countries.

Winston Churchill vs. Adolf Hitler, who was the greatest monster?

In Kenya for example, the narratives are, that “Kenya is among the fastest growing economy and among the best conducive environment for doing business in Africa”. However, the economic growth is not for everybody but to the corporates, international and nationally. This year, 2019, I witnessed more parents failing to take their children to high schools despite scoring high marks to proceeds, citing high cost of living.

In Africa, when it comes to international attention, African people are not important, what is important is what buried in the grounds.

Italy wants France sanctioned for ‘creating poverty’ in Africa, this led France to summoned Italy’s ambassador

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