The Reason Why Black Afrikan People Will Not Rise Again

First of all, Black Afrikans do not know of anything we need to be rising up from, we are the only people living with a mental confinement believing that we are free and when a people living under the ruse of oppression and is well conditioned to believe to be free, there is no liberation in store for such a people and those people are the Black Afrikan people.

Black Afrikan people been made not to be able to see the Divine Truthfulness about ourselves, we look to believe that all is well with us Black Afrikans even when the living condition contradict what we believe about our living condition, we still choose to ignore the fact of our living status as Black Afrikan people in this white man controlled world.

It does not matter to Black Afrikans who is controlling the world moral compass and rule of law, just as long as insufficient government is given to particular categories of Black Afrikans and that is depended on where Black Afrikans are residing in the world, because in many parts of the world poverty is a constant companion of Black Afrikan people and when you are malnourished nothing else matters to you but to try and reduce the hunger pains, freedom plays no part in the condition of poverty.

So, when you are a victim of double poverty which Black Afrikans are, such a people is incapable of concentrating on doing what they need to be doing to free themselves from the critical living condition they are living in, both affect the body and mind and living with such an unhealthy condition have Black Afrikans to be divided in according to the allowed to be different levels of poverty we are living with as so determined by Lucifer the Human Being, the white oligarchs in and of his world along with his surrogates in committing crime against Afrika and the Black Afrikan people who been conditioned not to give a Damn about Freedom, Unity or independence, the mind is a terrible part of the body process when not performing naturally and the mind of Black Afrikan people is performing the exact way that Lucifer has programmed it to perform and it is not the mind that came with the nature of the Black people design.

Therefore, since Black Afrikans been made not to be able to Think Divinely any more, the Devil, Satan, Lucifer the Human Being has Black Afrikans believing and to the once Divine Black Being, belief is a demon to you and that is why we act and behave as we do today, we not being able to see that our ways and action is a detriment to us Black Afrikans today.

Even though we speak about the way we should be, it mean nothing if we have not the mental capacity to make it so and the mind of Lucifer which we have guided us Black Afrikans today, is always playing tricks with us Black Afrikans, having us to believe that what we believe about having a United States Of Afrika to govern the Black Afrikans and to have Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans and how important it is to have a Unified Black Afrikan Nation again, the mind that is controlled by Lucifer that is guiding us Black Afrikan people allow us to look at such a condition with want but never to see such condition with a desire to make it to be the living reality of Black Afrikan people and it is all because of the unhealthy mental condition Black Afrikans are made to suffer and if your Mind Is Not Divine Your Living and believing is profane, beloved.

So, it matters a Damn what your profane mind is having you to say and believe about your self if your Mind is not Divinely Thinking about what you say about the need for change in the way we are living in Afrika and elsewhere in the world that is controlled by Lucifer the Human Being then a Divine change in your living condition remain only a belief and not a need to know of the reason for such a change and without Divine knowledge motivating you then you have not the caliber of mind needed to cause the change the Black Afrikans and Afrika need to have the Black Afrikans living freely again, beloved Black Woman and Man.

With the profane mind now guiding the Black Afrikan people, it keeps you from being able to see the need to be able to finance the action of your Liberation and in a fight for your freedom you must be in control of your going and coming, your action and inaction all to benefit you to reach the goal of freedom for Afrika and the Black Afrikan people, a state of mind that can not have you functioning to your advantage if the Mind you have guiding you is not the organic mind Nature designed you with, beloved.

Reparation is the gateway to our freedom beloved.

Divine Respect

Written by;- Chief Elder Osiris


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