“The first sighting of black leopard in 100 years” disrespecting everyday sighting by natives

Outside people don’t really take Africans seriously especially native Africans, they see us primitive breeds of people. You have heard about “the first man to see Mount Kenya? “later changed the first European to see Mount Kenya, or maybe an European came all the way from Europe as an explorer to discover a new land in Americas as if there were no living people over that land in that particular period of time or those were not people. In other scenarios, a person went to southern Africa and saw a big water fall despise and dismiss local name, Mosi o tunya, and named it “Victoria fall “.

These kid of presumptions exist even today, When international news outlets report “first sighting of black leopard in 100 years.” How do you feel when you are living in a place where you have sighted the same animal more than thrice in the last five years? And also instances of other people spotting the same animals even attacking domestic animals?

Kenyans on social media have expressed outrage at reporting by international media about the sighting of a ‘black leopard’ in Laikipia for the first time in 100 years.
According to the media outlets, British photographer Will Burrad-Lucas captured the animal in its element at the Laikipia Wilderness Camp last month.

Kenyans, however, say the animal – or, at least, similar ones — have lived in the area for years and have even been photographed previously.

Taking to Facebook, conservationist Mordecai Ogada stated that he and his colleagues spotted a similar animal in Ol Maalo, Laikipia, during his Masters Studies research in early 2001.
An article published by the Daily Nation further added that one of their former photographers, Phoebe Okall, spotted and captured on camera a black leopard at the Ol-Jogi Game Reserve in Laikipia on August 27, 2013.

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These, among other sightings reported by Kenyans on social media, have elicited mixed reactions on why the previous documentations of the rare animal were not taken seriously.

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