A memorial Wall Built in Mogadishu

on 14th october in 2017 was the most horrific day of Somalia’s history according to it’s a collective death numbers and it’s bloody incidents, it’s the national mourning day across somalia.

The real atmosphere of Mogadishu residents on that day was a deeply sorrows where many families lost their loved ones in a most bloodliest explosion where mostly locals do call it as “the zobe explosion” zobe is a busy street name at the heart of Mogadishu where the deadliest explosion has occured.

mama Fatima nuur tohow, is a mother of 7 children , 5 adult boys and 2 teenage girls. And she lost her husband and her eldest son in that Somalia’s deadliest explosion in the history.

While the mama Fatima was talking about her horrific memories after one year she told me more heart breaking story saying

“we live in madina district as happy family, where the father of my children and his eldest son are the family feeders, they usually work in zobe street for selling cold drink juices as their daily work, and really they used to help and care after our big family, we lived quite happy all the times, but every thing has changed when they pass away in that zobe explosions in 14 October 2017.”

“We missed their bodies for at least 7 days to funeral their death and finally we found their broken and burnt bodies in madina hospital, we were one of the luckiest families indeed because there are many families whom never found their loved one’s bodies till this present day,”

“so we say Alhamdulilah (thank to God) as long as we received their bodies and surely we buried them in one our neighbors’ cemetery where at least we did assured their death” said mama Fatima.

The tragedies in Zobe was one of the most horror stories around the world and the united nation’s has nominated it as one of the deadliest collective mass death in the world.

The ministry of health of the government of Somalia has mentioned that around 600 people lost their lives where other 300 people are got injured, but Mogadishu’s local civil society volunteers mainly from local youth organizations claimed that the number of deaths can be reached around 1000 people as they estimated, so do that local independent humanitarian (NGO’s) have mentioned themselves as the same number too.

Al-shabaab movement which is a terrorist organization that fights in southern regions of Somalia has claimed that it’s behind the explosion, but the Somali experts in explosive related incidents claimed that al-shabaab’s claims is just falsehood claims but those experts pointed to their fingers to the foreign nations in Somalia soils are behind this deadliest explosions,

Mainly they said that the united Arab Emarates (UAE) is the first suspect nation that works deeply in violating of somalia’s internal security affairs.

So do other khaleeji nations such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar were mentioned as another suspects of violations against Somalia’s security stability too.

“All they fight to us is the presence of Turkish government in our soils” said by Mohamed Ali, a Somali political analyst,

After 3 months of zobe explosion somalia government caged the U.A.E diplomatic missions in somalia where all Somali citizens admitted that they felt peaceful atmosphere. After the departure of The U.A.E from the somalia soils.

The government of somalia blamed that al-shabaab movements was behind this most deadliest suicide explosion where a man that drives a lorry which is commonly known (TM) that filled an explosive substances was used.

Some eye witness elements mentioned that the lorry driver didn’t want to explode his explosive filled lorry at zone street, which is a very busy street in the heart of Mogadishu, but they said that his target point was the Turkish military base in Jazeera location which is not so far from zone street.

But due to the road traffic jam he didn’t realize that it’s not possible for him to easily cross the road, he also knew that the police vehicles are chasing him then he quickly done his explosions which mostly claimed lives of 1000 innocent civilians.

Best Regards
Columnist Jebril Domenico (M.A)
Political Analyst, United states of Afrika,

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