Russia’s first elected black politician commands a lot of respect

Jean Gregoire Sagbo (Russian: Жан Грегуар Сагбо, born 1959) is a Beninese-born Russian real estate agent and politician.

His position is councilor of Novozavidovo in Konakovsky District, Tver Oblast.

Sagbo is the first Russian of African descent, or Afro-Russian, to have been elected in the Russian Federation.

He has been referred to as “Russia’s Obama” became the first black elected official in Russia.

Sagbo immigrated to the USSR in 1982 to study economics in Moscow.

He married a woman from Novozavidovo, a town of approximately 10,000 people located 100 km north of Moscow, and moved there in 1989.

He has two children.

During his first year in Novozavidovo, Tver Oblast his then-4 year old son Maxim was spat upon.

Sagbo confronted the spitter and eventually other onlookers supported Sagbo.

Who eventually took the problem to the city council, who did nothing.

It was then that he figured that he needed to be the change…and then ran for office.

Sagbo speaks in French-African accented Russian

Sagbo is loved by his constituents and is considered by many a trustworthy individual, a rarity in Soviet politics; an honest and straightforward politician he was elected in an overwhelmingly majority.

Video Source: Los Angeles Times

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