Kenya’s Military Spending Accounted for 2.4% of Africa’s total spending

Kenya’s $933 million military expenditure accounted for 2.4 per cent of Africa’s total military spending of $37.9 billion in 2016.
Morocco leads in Africa with a Defence budget of $3.3 billion, followed by South Africa $3.1 billion and Angola $2.8 billion.

Globally USA leads in arms race with over $615 billion, China with $215 billion and Russia $ 69 billion.

There is difference between military spending by USA, China and Russia and the rest of African countries why?
1.They know their enemies already.
2.They make their weapons from their own technologies different from their rivals.

In Africa we import them from one of the above superpowers or their allies which are signatory to each of their military industrial complex.
One way to keep arms flowing to Africa is by,
creating enemies e.g terrorism and moderate rebels. This is done in a cleverly way, they arm rebels and
to create customers for their arms.

The future of Africa is in creating advanced military technologies ,weapons and anti-missile defence systems.

African Union forces must be upgraded to Africa Defence Forces(ADF) so that we can have a single force to protect Africa from all forms of threats or invasion.

We as an African nation must come up with our own arms and vehemently reject infiltration of Africa by Africom forces.

Heavy presence of foreign forces in Africa has contributed to more conflicts in Africa as these forces secretly arm rebels groups.

We as African people have a responsibility to protect our land from foreign invasion and warn our nations against increased security threats posed by foreign troops.

Many African women and children have faced abuse by these foreign troops and they never get justice because Africom forces enjoy diplomatic immunity.

Why should foreign troops enjoy more privileges than our local forces?


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