Kenyan Technology Company invents a new mobile application for selling drinks at a go

A Kenyan technology company (Easy Life Ltd) launched a new app that will make it possible for customers to shop drinks wherever they are.
An interesting feature is automatically integrated MPESA System for ease of payment. As long as you have enough cash it deducts automatically.
No need to go back to those tiresome processes of going back to the MPESA menu to lipa na MPESA.

i-DRINK™️ is a Mobile App built by EasyLife Mobile Application Solutions with the sole goal of making your life easy. You can buy drinks for yourself from wherever you are or buy for your friends and loved ones even when far away from them. It is very light about 3.3MBs thus doesn’t take much space in your phone, very easy to use. You earn redeemable points every time you shop and can get drinks when you are at your low through our okoa drinks option. You can also place a special order for any drink you need but don’t find on our catalogue and we will find it for you.
With this app, you get to Live Life Like A Royal. Just sit, order and the drinks come to you.
Download and install the app here:



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