TPNPB OPM International condemns Indonesian airstrikes in West Papua

Open Statement / July 19, 2018.

The TPNPB OPM International Representative Office is strongly condemning the barbaric air strike by Indonesian Air forces were killed two liberation soldiers and three civilians, villager’s houses and lifestyle also totally destroyed including many innocent Papuans were missing on 11 July at Alguru Village Nduga in West Papua. We believed that this incident is war crime against humanity and disobey war of national liberation rules who totally denied international humanitarian law.

We are calling to United Nations must to deliver a world condemnation to Indonesia, ask Indonesia about to maintain international obligation with their two years term of non-permanent seat at Security Council. President of Security Council, Secretary General including other world leaders do same message to Indonesia. Because this silent 56 years of armed conflict is part of non-international armed category, Indonesian State Military Power and West Papuan National Liberation Army has been causing a serious human rights and humanitarian crisis.

There is urgently need international communities attention in order to bring peace and justice for this powerless people of West Papua due to they are part of world citizen. In the name of international Humanitarian law the world cannot deny this Indonesia’s barbaric action against incapable groups of TPNPB/OPM, as owner of nation and this native people must to secured and right to enjoy freedom and peace on their homeland. We recognise that our West Papua nation is legally and politically disputed territory that is why our liberation army stand for against modern colonial state of Indonesia.

Indonesia cannot discriminate the military win of the OPM, the TPNPB. Indonesia cannot justify them as KKBS or other name of extremist groups, Indonesia cannot lies to international public that there was no air strike, this is colonialist attitudes and arrogance, why Indonesia now after this incident afraid of public critics and continuingly propagandas with your own intelligent controlled local and national media.

We also remind again to Indonesia and the world community that on 27 of February 2018, the entire West Papuan liberation military force fraction had united and decelerated a first stages national liberation war against Indonesia’s state power. Our principal demands are recognition of the unilateral independence declaration 1971 and international mediation under the United Nations authority on armed warfare between us, West Papua and Indonesia. Until today couple of fatalities have been occurring difference places and we believe that will occurring more fatality and operation if no international action as soon as possible.

We are strongly reject if any new born organization including ULMWP who willing to dialogue with Indonesia. We are the long living liberation movement body of TPNPB OPM, now asking to United Nations Permanent Body such UNTEA (in the past 1962) must to re-establish in West Papua to facilitate new referendum according to U.N. mechanism and regulation.

Akouboo Amatus Douw
The TPNPB OPM Foreign Diplomat
Chair of GC-UNPM to West Papua

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