Henry Thomas Sampson: a prolific inventor and pioneer in the field of nuclear engineering

Henry Thomas Jr. was born in Jackson, Mississipi in 1934. Sampson was also the pioneer in the technology that is used in modern cell phones. Contrary to internet about Sampson being the inventor of cell phones, he didn’t invent the cell phones.

Freddie Figgers-an American inventor and Chief Executive Officer-Figgers Communication Inc

On July 6, 1971, Sampson was awarded a patent with George H. Miley for the invention of the gamma-electric cell, a direct-conversion energy device that converts the energy generated from the radiation of high-energy gamma rays into electricity.

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Other patents include a binder system for rocket and propellants and explosives and a case-bonding system for cast-composite rocket propellants, both related to the manufacturing and production of solid-propellant rocket motors.

Dr. Gladys West: an instrumental woman in creating GPS

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