When many are fleeing to Europe through the back door to avoid the sufferings, killings, murder etc in Nigeria

What are we celebrating when many are been drowned in the Mediterranean sea and thousands organ’s of our people are been harvested in Libya and their remains thrown to the vultures in the desert?

What are we celebrating when in many rural community, people still trek more than 1h30min to look for water?

We were made to understand that gaining independence, our leaders will provide us with portable water,free education, electricity etc.

But 58years down the line,Ayishi people in my rural home still go to AMARA for water,

Our teeming youths upon graduation after 5-6 years in the university end up roaming the street of Lagos,Abuja,minna,lokoja,Enugu etc.

Some of our people (I mean Nigerian youths ) after struggling go to the American embassy for the green cards end up been asked or giving a fifty pages of forms to fill why did they want to travel to America and what enterprise their great great grand father were engaged in.

The treatment is the same in Chinese, French and German embassy. And those that could not afford the pay and humiliation will want to go through Libya and Mediterranean sea,begging the European to recolonized us again.

Our forefathers were humiliated, dragged out of our ancestral home,captured and colonized by force, but today we are begging our erstwhile colonial masters to recolonized us a new

I asked again,for what reasons did we gain this thing called independence?

Our mothers,wives and sisters are still victims of village midwives,
Our people have no access to hospital, even the available hospitals, no drugs

Therefore we have nothing to celebrate, we should reflect and asked why were we so unfortunate in this part of the world that after 58years of independence, we still talk of water,food and electricity.

It has so far been 58 years of deception and self centered independence.

Onoja Gideon
Ayishi Ette.

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