Dr.Thomas O. Mensah; an inventor and innovator of Fiber Optics Technology

Dr. Thomas Mensah is among the original inventors of Fiber Optics Technologies in United States. He holds over 7 US patents all awarded in six years. He has a total of 14 patents.

Thomas o. Mensah is Ghanaian-American chemical engineer and inventor.
His innovations were very critical to the replacement of Copper Media with more efficient Fiber Optics media. This bandwidth support more robust and fast modern day internet. You are using transmission and interactions on Facebook with pictures, tweets, emails, data uploading videos on You Tube and voice on worldwide web and smartphones faster, thanks to Dr. Thomas Mensah.

Among his patents, he used boundary layer theory to design a high speed draw and coating manufacturing system that eliminated bubbles and defects in optical cables. These ultra-strong cables are used in submarines and undersea cables to connect continents and countries. This in turn has led to extending the global reach and connectivity of the internet.

Dr Mensah worked at Corning Glass Works Inc, and AT & T Bell Laboratories. At Bell Laboratories, he led a team that demonstrated the Fiber Optics Guided Missile System, he holds three patents on the Technology.

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