Black Afrikans Are More Concerned About What Is Happening To Afrika And Black Afrikans Than Preventing It!!!

What I share With Black Afrikans Is Not Something I Am Making Up, See Your Self As You Have Been Made To Become By Lucifer And be Honest With Your Black Self You Will Know What I Share With Black Afrikan People Is Divinely True And Real, Its All I Know And How To Be With Black Afrikan People Given That I Have The Ability To See Us Black Afrikan People As We Are Living Today And Seeing Is Knowing beloved And When With A Divine Mind That See, It Will Not Allow You To Be Anything But Honest With Your Self About What You See Beloved, And It’s Not To The Greater Good Of Afrika And Black Afrikan People, Given Our Present State Of Behavior We Showcase Today.

I Am Far Too Advanced In Age To Lie To Black Afrikan People Being With My Divine Mind I Know What I Have Been Given To Know Today, Beloved.

So, Consider This I Share With You And I Mean Disrespect To Only The Black Afrikans Behaving Like A Nigger As Defined By White Folks And I Make No Apology For That Beloved.

Time is out for talking without action and if your talking is not about getting Afrika back and having power and authority to form a United States Of Afrika Government and to live as a Unified Black Afrikan Nation in Afrika, then your talk ain’t about Shit and it is our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation that is qualified to save Afrika and Black Afrikan people from the Luciferian Globalization New World Culture Change, as being conducted by America and her Surrogates in Crime against the Natural order of things as Designed by Nature the Prime attribute of the Divine Essence, God of Everything that Move and appear not to be moving, can be sensual looked at and only Mentally Seen, being qualified to see to know things as they are requires the use of a Divine Mind Calibrated by Nature Design.

The concern of Black Afrikans are so infested with disease of the mind until that diseased mind only allow Black Afrikans to look at things as Lucifer instruct Black Afrikan people to look at things and it’s that quality of Mind that prevents Black afrikans from seeing the trouble Afrika and Black Afrikans are in today, living in a Time of Afrika and Black Afrikans Judgement Day and Lucifer is the God to determine the sentence of Afrika and Black Afrikans People which will have the two no longer with a Divine Relationship with each other, which affects the relationship of unity among Black Afrikan people.

Any and everything that is irrelevant to the Salvation of Afrika and Black Afrikan people is of no interest to Black Afrikan people, a looking people knows nothing about seeing the Divine Truth and Reality of the state of living condition been made to be in and accept that condition as being normal to Black Afrikan people.

Everything Black Afrikans do, we do base on the platform Lucifer provide for us to look from and that platform is not designed to be high enough so to look at all that is happening to Afrika and Black Afrikan people, so to see what must be done By Black Afrikan people to save Afrika and Black Afrikan people from a culture transformation that will be beyond recovery and to be antinature is to be a servant of Lucifer the Human Beings who live by the nature of his own design, living in conflict to the Divine Essence Nature Design.

What I share with Black Afrikan people requires a Divine Mind to see to know with innerstanding, without that mental Natural order, Black Afrikan people and Afrika Judgement is worse than the living we Black Afrikans and Afrika is experiencing right now and any Black Afrikan who is satisfied with the condition of Afrika and the living condition of Black Afrikan people right now, is a certified fool who believe for a living, beloved.

To physical demonstrate your disapproval of something is to send a message to that which is causing you to demonstrate your disapproval and when you are serious about causing the change that is needed to have you with power and authority to govern your own way of living, then there is no compromise or limit you will express your dissatisfaction against the evil living the way you do following the dictates of the Luciferian Human Beings who control your way of believing today and living without the freedom of thoughts have you to be confined to a believing way of living, which is the way Black Afrikans live today regardless of your phony social economic educated status some Black Afrikans has been allowed to serve as a false example of showing what progress for Black Afrikans look like if you just obey the rule and accept the guidance of Lucifer Mind.

That is why Black Afrikans are more concerned about what is happening to Afrika and Black Afrikans than preventing it from happening today, it serve only to the detriment of Afrika and the Living of Black Afrikan people because there is no action of resentment on a global scale coming from Black Afrikan people Demanding what is owed to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, which is their Reparation / Repatriation, the solution to what is ailing Afrika and Black Afrikans today as we demonstrate not our disapproval to the way Afrika and Black Afrikans are treated today and has been all the days of our Living under the authority of Lucifer the Human Being.

Divine Respect

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

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