Sodeke Oladimeji Aderinola

Dimeji Sodeke is an author of the novel titled "The Gods of My parents. Also the founder of Derine Gallery. An idea borne to be the greatest African archive and to take children off-the streets by selling their art works on their behalf and projecting to the world that Africans got talents. Provided talented ones can start benefiting from their God-given talents. This Gallery will house many rural talented crafts, paintings, artifacts, figurines, photography among others. It will possibly have a citadel of learning where talents could improve and learn more so as to globalize their gifts. He is also the co-founder of Education With Purpose EWP which is an NGO & a platform to guide young ones to self-discovery and actualization. This initiative is burdened with the archaic structure of education in the country and wants to attempt to infuse Relevancy, Recency and Purpose driven education. The founder is currently in Dubai while Dimeji has staged programs with this platform and also partnered with other related initiatives.

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