AREO 2019 Day 3 in Ghana by Education With Purpose EWP…

The on-going AREO 2019, Day3 in Ghana took place at Petepom community at the Western Region of Ghana at Tarkwa,12th February, 2019. This exercise continues with the presence of Emmanuel Addai the Ghana co-ordinator of EWP, Suleiman Idrisu, Prince Amankwa and the Co-founder of EWP, Dimeji Sodeke. The co-founder donated some of his books to the schools visited so far and he is willing to visit more.

The schools visited today was a little bit better than the previous day. It has a comfortable staff room but very poor toilet system. The roofing sheets are damaged as well as some classes some students learn are so unkept. One will only wonder if African leaders feel comfortable at enslaving their kinds. It is sad at the fact that those kids wants to learn and they appreciate the visit but it is only little that a platform like Education with Purpose EWP can do.

Hence, it becomes disturbing when both teachers and students were asked what they need most and it is those things that make education worth it. They mentioned things ranging from library infrastructure, computers, school bags, school uniforms, school bus, sandals and even textbooks. One will only be surprised at what is called a computer in a school yet it doesn’t work. The “dead” gadget is just there to show the students how a computer looks like in the 21st century while some are so comfortable at looking at this mess as normal. It is only a foreigner who will find this as a fun. This should bring tears in every black person across the globe. When has Africa and Africans become tourist people that excite nature and some will even consider us as inferior beings? What manner of Ruler rules a golden land with lots of margin and inhumanity in the land?

In the Twi language of Ghana, the word Sankofa translates to “Go back and get it” with San meaning to return; ko meaning to go; fa means to fetch, to seek and take.

There is a visual representation of this in the Asante Adinkra symbol of a Sankofa Bird, which has its head turned backward while facing forward carrying a precious egg in its beak.

The concept of Sankofa reminds us that it is ok to go back into the past, seek the knowledge of history we may have forgotten and bring the lessons learned with us into our future. Without this step in our development, we are prone to fall into the same traps, trusting the same people and institutions that wronged us before or miss the opportunities we had gathered over thousands of years.

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