Anybody Who Tells You That You Will Never Be In The Company Of Justice Again Is Your Enemy!!!

Beloved Black Afrikan people, you to whom I share Divine Information with, by now you should know that I am wise enough not to debate the Divine Truth with those Afrikans who hold up our oppressors to be Lord and God of Black Afrikan people and you know who they are by the fact that their mind can not dignify the issue of Reparation / Repatriation, they live with a mind that is in total submission to the oligarchs of your oppression and has relinquished all decision making about our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation to be that of white racist prejudice Luciferian Human Beings to whom do those who speak ill will about Reparation bow and cannot see ever again Black Afrikans living a life with Justice married to Freedom.

To allow somebody masquerading around you making claim to be Black and Afrikan influence you, but do not have the Mind that verifies its Blackness, it says a lot about the status of your Mind beloved Black Afrikan people.

No True and proud Black Afrikan will ever share information or make statements that have you “believing” that all power is forever in the possession of your oppressors and come from the mind of our oppressors, and tells you that in no way will you ever rise again with your organic mind in your possession which is implying to you Black Afrikan people, once enslaved, you remain enslaved to the power and authority of your oppressors, they being the Luciferian, Devil, Satanic Human Beings in and of his world.

Because, I know who Black people really are designed to be and I have confidence with the Divine information being shared with Black Afrikan people again, and I know that the power of the Divine Truth awakens you to be able to see and know what it is we Black Afrikans must do to save ourselves and Afrika, and there is no Black Luciferian Mind that you Black Afrikans will allow to persuade and influence you to believe that you cannot ever be free again, and it is Reparation that represents your Freedom beloved Black Afrikan people, I am confident Reparation will be delivered to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors by you their children..

So you must be able to see beyond looking, in order to know that our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation is not now in the possession of the children of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors not because white oligarchs say no to Reparation but because the Black Afrikans are living a disorganized way of living without the Divine Mind that has you to Think to know what we must do to save our Children from the Black Afrikans who tells you that white Luciferian Human Beings will always be in control of Black Afrikans Mind, they beloved is your disease living among you looking just like you but is not you but is a convert to Lucifer way of having them to believe in Lucifer God on earth.

Beloved Black Afrikan people, before there can be a United State Of Afrika Government, before you can live in comfort with your Divine Mind in your possession, there has to be an internal and external purging of Afrika before the rise of a Unified Black Afrikan Nation and such a rise require that Black Afrikan People rise united Demanding our Enslaved Afrikans Reparation / Repatriation back to Afrika as the next established State to be in Afrika coming from the Diaspora and with a mission to have Afrika to become for the Black Afrikans again and to live as a Unified Black Afrikan Nation again.

I am confident that Black Afrikan people who is rising in their Divine Mind, knows the Divine Truth about Reparation and the power that is invested in our Enslaved Afrikan Reparation.

You see, the Reparation we must demand is in honor of our Enslaved AfrikanAncestors, they who has already earned the Reparation that America and her surrogates owe to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, so you are only Demanding what is already been earned and belong to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors which is the right to receive the Reparation owed to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors and to Repatriate back to Afrika as the next established State to be in Afrika and do not allow anybody tell you otherwise to believe, just know what you think about to know that is Divinely True, beloved Black Afrikan people.

The first revolution must be against the traitors of black African people, they who tell you are destined to remain a slave beloved Black people and to remain a slave is not to fight to collect what already been earned to belong to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors which is their Reparation America and her surrogates in crime against our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors owe to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, the oligarch Luciferian Human Beings are not designed to be Black Divine Beings Lord and God,
Reparation / Repatriation represent Afrika and Black Afrikans Freedom, beloved.

Divine Respect

Osiris Akkebala

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