Afro-Iranians Today’s Descendants of the original Elamites, Gutians, Persians, and other ancient Black people

Because some people may come across this page and read it, without the benefit of reading the history of Elam/Persia/Iran as presented in the “Elam” section. The following synopsis is presented for background and context. The first historical people inhabiting what we now call Iran, were the Negroid Black Elamites, (we know this from their Stele). The scientific proof is presented in the 2016 study: “The genetics of an early Neolithic pastoralist from the Zagros, Iran.” (See first page of Elam section).

Around 900 B.C. many new people moved into Elamite lands, chief among them were the Medes and the Parsa (Persians), these were Black peoples from either Anatolia or India – no one is certain which. Many Albino tribes from Central Asia started moving west at the same time, they included: Parthians, Arians, Bactrians, Sogdians, Scythians, and others. After the first Persian dynasty (the Achaemenian) was defeated by Alexander, the Greek Generals ruled as the Seleucid dynasty. The Albino Parthian’s (who had been allies of the Persians) kicked the Greeks out.

The Black Eastern Roman Empire (the Byzantine) made war on the Parthian’s until they were defeated. In 224 A.D, the resurgent Persians, now under their king “Ardašir”, culminated the war with Parthia that his father “Papak” had started. He defeated the last Parthian king “Artabanus V” in battle, and two years later, Ardašir took the Persian capital of Ctesiphon. This meant the end of Parthia, and it also meant the beginning of the second Persian Empire, one ruled by the Sassanid kings.

For the next 400 years there was almost constant war between The Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire. Eventually this almost constant warfare between these two great “Black” Empires weakened both to the extent that the Black Arabs, (with the help of everyone they could find, including Turk Slaves (Mamluks) ), defeated Persia. And in 1453, the Turks defeated what was left of the Black Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire). Eventually Turks came to rule all of South-Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Asia, and Arabia, as the Ottoman Empire.

Turks had originally been neighbors of the Mongols in East Asia, and whatever hatreds had developed between the two people persisted after the Turks had moved West. Consequently there were many invasions of Eastern Europe and West Asia (the Middle East and Arabia) by the Mongols. These invasions proved disastrous for the regions Blacks, who were overwhelmed by so many Albinos entering their lands, (remember – the Mongols EMPTIED Asia of “ALL” of its Albinos – no telling how many millions that was :). Mongols killed Blacks in Eastern Europe, and West Asia. Albinos killed Blacks all over: in Western Europe, the East, AND the Americas. That is WHY there are so many Mulattoes in those regions – Except Europe, where surviving Blacks were shipped to the Americas as Slaves and Indentures.

Just like the ancient Egyptians, the Persian kings enjoyed having vassal nations bring them gifts on special occasions. One such occasion is memorialized on the stairway of the royal Palace of Apadana. There carvers created a picture of the vassal subjects bringing gifts to King Darius.

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