Africa Rural Educational Outreach AREO 2019

1st Tour On-going in Ghana.

“Building a purpose driven generation…”

“When PURPOSE is not known, abuse is inevitable”. Dr. Myles Munroe
Education is a lifelong process which is expected to enable a man live in peace with his fellowmen. Plato, one of the greatest philosophers, said education is a process through which the society fosters in the individual, desirable and relevant changes in behaviour and attitude.” Martin Luther King also explained that “Education must enable a man to become more efficient, to achieve with increasing facility the legitimate goals of his life.”
The above quotes is only meaningful and applicable to a man who has identified his God-given purpose here on earth. This is because an identified purpose with innate abilities determines the type of education required in actualising it. Therefore, knowing one’s purpose is key for every man.
Our philosophy, which is,“An educated generation without a purpose is a wasted generation”, is rooted in Proverbs 29:18 (“Where there is no vision, the people perish…”).

The Education with Purpose (EWP) initiative held its maiden edition on July 14, 2017, to address the seemingly challenge of graduates without defined purposes that could better the society.
It is now a norm for an individual to receive secondary education, graduate from a higher institution then begins to seek a means of livelihood. Only the few that think of making impact are the ones that have made and are still making relevant impact in our society. They do not just wake up to start doing what they do, it all stems from a life with defined purpose.
Therefore, the main aim of AREO 2019 is to align thinking patterns and actions of youths in rural areas to a global mindset that put them at an advantage of knowing their purpose, imbibing a leader culture and bringing a positive impact to their immediate environment. With a changed mindset, they would be able to pursue their education with a sense of responsibility, having understood their place in building a better continent.

The benefits of the project are as follows;
✓ To encourage serious academic pursuit among student;
✓ To increase intellectual awareness of students;
✓ To ensure student understand the purpose of education beyond a means of livelihood;
✓ To increase the contributing factors of youths as agent of change in their immediate environment;
✓ For global integration and interaction of students.

For a great transformation to occur in this continent, our focus is on shaping and giving a sense of direction to young minds. Therefore, the project has been targeted at students in rural areas across the continent of Africa.
• Our partners and sponsors will be fully represented in all our media awareness;
• Spots will be allocated for our sponsors and partners on our website and social media pages;
• At the end of the project, our sponsors and partners will be fully recognised for their immense contributions at our upcoming award night.

For more Information, contact;
Gbenga Oyewole; +971524146158
Dimeji Sodeke; +2348165948893

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