About Us

This is a revolutionary social Pan Africanism movement to reunite all people of black descent,advocate for their rights and freedoms throughout the world.
Global Pan Africanism Network was founded on 26th January 2018 by Daniel Mwashumbe Mwambonu aged 32 years, a revolutionary  Pan Africanist from Kenya.
This idea was inspired by legendary black leaders Marcus Garvey,Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr with an objective to bring together all people of black descent throughout the world and rebuild Africa.
People of black descent have went through massive oppression, slavery,colonialism,torture and rape throughout the history but now is the time for us to unite as one people because we have one common ancestry.
Whether we are in the Caribbean, South Pacific, United States Of America,Brazil,Puerto Rico,Japan,Africa,North and South America, our story is the same throughout the history and we are descendants of one black woman and a man.
Its time for us to become a nation and be recognized as one of the nations on earth.
Let us come together and pursue United African States Vision.

“We Are Africa.We Are One.”